Publish The GPI Rankings

Publish The GPI Rankings

You own a major poker related website, with relevant content, and you wish to be able to publish or display an updated version of the GPI rankings, whether it is the GPI300, the POY, or any national ranking?

Lots of websites are already publishing the GPI standings though an XML feed provided by the GPI web-masters. We will guide you through the installation and set up of the feed and display.

Contact us now by sending us an email to, and we will investigate your website in order to see how you can promote GPI, the official Poker Index.

Here are a few examples:

2+2, the world’s biggest poker community:

2+2 GPI rankings

Mais EV, the number poker source in Brazil:

MaisEV GPI rankings

Asso Poker, the biggest Poker Community in Italy:

Asso Poker GPI rankings

MadeInPoker, a French Poker News Website:

MadeInPoker GPI rankings