December 20 2013, by Alexandre Dreyfus

Blog : Alex Dreyfus – Review of 2013 and goals of 2014 (GPI)

Dear Poker Friend,

Time for me to do quick review of 2013 and share my  goals for 2014. The last 12 months have been incredible, we managed to get the endorsement of the whole poker industry supporting Global Poker Index (GPI) initiatives and projects. From the players, the online operators, the casinos, the poker staff and the medias. We couldn’t have build more than we did in 12 months :

the GPI  Awards to reward the best players and the industry;  Fantasy Poker Manager to get engagement of 50,000 people to interact with poker players and events, supported by World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour; acquisition to get ownership of our own future and broaden our exposure to more than 4 million visitors;  the PocketFives partnership to cover online poker results into our database;  the support of Pokerstars and European Poker Tour , because we fight alongside to promote and expose poker to the mainstream,

and of course the flawless communication of all our partners, especially the poker media community that understood what we do and where we go. Where we go ? Let me share a bit with you then,

If  you think we were very present in the media, well I’m going to surprise you.

  • in 2014, you will hear much more about our initiatives, our partnerships and our ambitions. 2013 was a warm-up of a bigger picture,
  • in 2014, we will make GlobalPokerIndex becoming a significant voice for the poker industry, a voice that will have legitimacy to talk to the mainstream medias and sports medias.
  • in 2014, we will help poker players to act like they were not just customers, but stakeholders of their own future and guarantors of the growth of the industry,
  • in 2014, we will work on having non poker players to like following poker news, like any other sports,
  • in 2014, we will proclaim that poker is rewarding excellence, commitment, performance, endurance, pertinence and wellness, like any other sports,
  • in 2014, we will help to expose and engage the ‘recreational players’ into the bigger picture,
  • in 2014, we would like to work on the fairness and the security of this industry, thru tools and projects we already have initiated,
  • in 2014, we will bring the Global Poker ID (GPID) to be a standard for the poker industry, linking players and operators (casinos and online),
  • in 2014, we will enhance our relationship with the 1,200 casinos we are working already in the World, and we will help them to understand the trends of an industry that is changing and evolving like it never did before,
  • in 2014, we will become the hub allowing to “connect players” (our worldwide trademark) between themselves and providing premium services,
  • in 2014, we will blow up the 52,815 players and 200,420 events that we added in the Largest Live Poker Database, (+50%), with a deeper coverage and larger investment.
  • in 2014, we will become bigger than the Largest Live Poker Database, that we are already,
  • in 2014, we will have more poker experts joining our talented team on the sunny island of Malta,
  • in 2014, we will become what we will need to,

in the meantime, I wish you all a great Xmas time, a great holiday season and a lot of rest to get ready for this incredible poker year of MMXIV.

Best regards,

Alexandre Dreyfus


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