May 21 2013, by Daniel Smyth

FIDPA Launches New Site, Schleger Talks Poker

Luske Pushing for Universal Rules

The Federation Internationale de Poker Association has just launched a new website that will give players and officials easier access to its platform via a mobile app.

Founded by Marcel Luske and Michelle Lau, FIDPA aims to create a standardised set of rules for poker tournaments across the world.

Indeed, at present the rules between major events can vary which often causes confusion amongst regular players. However, FIDPA has worked to construct a set of 81 rules which should help to codify and unite tournament organisers from different casinos and event.

FIDPA’s policies hold extra credence because they address all 54 points outlined by the Poker Tournament Directors Association, something which means their rules are in tune with various policies held by different poker organisations.

Following the launch of their new website it’s hoped that players will have the ability to access the rules no matter where they are.

Indeed, commenting on the new software, Luske said: “Showing support for one set of international poker rules will only take one minute, but it means a more credible and secure future for poker players of knowing exactly what to expect every time they sit down at a poker table anywhere in the world.”

The Life of Shane Schleger

Being a poker pro might seem like a dream job, but sometimes the industry isn’t always as friendly many believe. Indeed, sometimes it’s not just variance that can cause a player to question whether they are in the right profession.

Someone who knows this fact all too well is Shane Schleger. Having been around the game since the poker boom, Shane has experienced a number of personal and professional ups and downs.

From making the final table of a WPT event, to almost quitting the game after a downswing, Shane certainly knows how the game can affect you.

In a recent short film produced by PokerStars, Shane gives us an insight into his life in poker. From discovering the game in his home city of New York to the effects of Black Friday at his new home in Mexico, the piece tells a story many players will be familiar with.

For anyone who wants to climb the ranks of the GPI and tussle with the game’s top players, the video is certainly worth a watch as it provides a candid insight into the often tricky road that faces many pros.

To watch the video, click here.

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