April 30 2013, by Alexandre Dreyfus

GPI to meet players at EPT Monte Carlo

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The GPI will be meeting poker players during the EPT Monte Carlo from the 8th to the 10th of May 2013 at the Monte Carlo Bay.

From a meeting room specially rented for the occasion,  Alex Dreyfus will run presentations of the GPI strategy and future projects, as well as what the GPI has done so far. From the rankings, to the awards, everything will be covered, even going through what the GPI should become: a poker authority, a poker database for  casinos and poker players etc …

The meeting will be on an open exchange format (30 mins or more depending on the player’s needs) where drinks, breakfast, lunch or dinner can be served for free.
Fantasy Poker Manager will also be mentioned. The facebook free game allowing users to draft a team of poker pros during the event is now getting more popular and is directly involving poker players.

This meeting arranged to meet the poker players could also take place during the next WSOP in Las Vegas.

Any interested individual willing to meet with Alex Dreyfus between those dates should contact him directly at alex@zokay.com or call +356 9999 7878.

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Alexandre is the founder and CEO of Zokay Entertainment, a company dedicated to manage different projects, including the Global Poker Index, a ranking system for live poker players. the GPI recently lauched the Fantasy Poker Manager, a Facebook application where the users can draft a team of poker pros and compete against their friends during a major event. Alexandre Dreyfus is the founder and CEO of Chiligaming, amongst other projects, whose technology was recently sold to Bally Technologies. email: Alex@zokay.com twitter: @Alex_Dreyfus