October 30 2018, by Eric Danis

GPL China is back with Season 2, City Pride is on the line!

In 2017, a mind-sport event called Global Poker League was set in China. It lasted six months with more than 20 events, hundreds of hours of HD live broadcasts and thousands of players. Season 1 of Global Poker League China was a massive success!

GPL China recently announced that Season 2 of Global Poker League China will be held in Taiwan, Taipei City, from December 20th to 24th, 2018. This season of GPL China is titled: GPL China Season 2 – Taiwan Tour [The Battle of Urban], brand trademarked by Beijing Juzhongjoy Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Mediarex Sports & Entertainment. Events will be organized by Mediarex (Beijing) Sport and Culture Co., Ltd and co-organized by CTP Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association.

GPL China’s unique team tournament format is one of the greatest highlights that distinguish it from other poker events. After years of poker event experience, the organizers have worked out a unique team format, which requires not only poker skills but also cooperation between players within the tournament.

Season 2 of GPL China will continue to use the same tournament format, which requires each team to go through knockout tournaments, a repechage, playoffs, semi-finals and the grand finals. The final three teams with highest score will win the Gold, Silver and Bronze titles.

Unlike GPL China’s first season, which was only open to cites in China, GPL China Season 2 has made a major modification, now allowing overseas teams and other nationalities to form a team to represent city and country. Each city-based team requires 5 members and the buy-in for the event is NT$200,000 + NT20,000 (approx. US$7,100).

For more information on how to enroll to GPL China Season 2 – Taiwan Tour [The Battle of Urban], please contact ray.wong@juzhongjoy.com or follow GPL China on Facebook: Global Poker Index China



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