March 10 2013, by Eric Danis

Joe Stapleton on Playing Fantasy Poker Manager

FPM logoJoe Stapleton is an accomplished color commentator on the poker scene.  His quick-witted, self-deprecating style connects with the audience.  Stapleton has become the go-to guy when it comes to anything related to PokerStars – live broadcasts, voiceover, SCOOP highlight shows, he does it all!

But when he’s not busy covering a live event, doing voiceover work for PokerStars or simply trying to settle into his new surroundings in London, Joe Stapleton finds a little time to play the GPI’s Fantasy Poker Manager.  If you tuned into the live broadcast of EPT Deauville on Pokerstars.TV last month, you probably heard Stapleton talk about his Fantasy Poker Manager team for the event.  Stapleton ended up striking it rich when selecting two players who would eventually make it to final day play in Deauville: Jeffrey Hakim (GPI#171) and Glen Cymbaluk (GPI#445).

Stapleton took time from his busy schedule as he prepared for the start his marathon coverage of the EPT London Main Event to speak with us about Fantasy Poker Manager

FPM: You did a fantastic job at promoting the FPM by talking about it on many different occasions during your marathon live stream at EPT Deauville, how have you liked the game so far?

Joe: It’s my job to talk about poker, and I love the fact that now there’s something else to talk about. Another “game” within the game. It gives us a great discussion point for all guests, and another reason to interact with the fans other than me telling them to stop whining about free content.

It’s all about bragging rights, isn’t it?

You’re talking to the wrong guy about that one. I have no competitive edge at all. I’m lucky if I remember to set my teams. I will say that there is a certain brag to finding that one player who no one else had making it deep. Like Glenn Cymbaluk in Deauville.

You made some very impressive picks at Deauville (Jeffrey Hakim comes to mind), but tell me, how did you in fact end up picking up Glenn Cymbaluk for your team?

There is always one guy at every final table where you’re like “How the hell did that guy get there?” At least one. When I saw the way Glenn Cymbaluk was playing (very creatively, we’ll say), and the way he was running (like God, we’ll say) – he immediately became my dark horse pick. There’s always one.

Sam Razavi FPMTell me, who do you think could be a great under-the-radar pick on the live tournament circuit, maybe someone that might not come to mind right away but for you would be a solid addition to any FPM team?

I had him for my last few teams – Sam Razavi (GPI#117). He’s from the UK and he’s been tearing up the smaller tournament circuits. I recently did commentary on a cash game he was playing in and he really impressed me. Maybe he peaked already, but I think he’s just heating up.

What do we need to do to get your co-host James Hartigan involved in FPM, to create an on-air rivalry!?

James Hartigan is very anti-Facebook. You won’t be seeing him on the app. He’s a fairly private guy and for the most part doesn’t care for social media at all. I kind of envy that, actually.

Ready for another marathon live stream at EPT London?

I am definitely ready to (be able to pay my rent) do more live commentary from EPT London. We’ll be live every single day of the event from March 10-16. It’s going to be a b*tch. I mean: SO MUCH FUN!


You can catch Joe and James as they provide wall-to-wall coverage of EPT London on PokerStars.TV.


Day 1A Sun March 10 17:00 CET
Day 1B Mon March 11 17:00 CET
Day 2 Tue March 12 14:30 CET
Day 3 Wed March 13 13:00 CET
Day 4 Thu March 14 13:00 CET
Day 5 Fri March 15 13:00 CET
Final Table Sat March 16 13:00 CET

Main Event coverage of EPT London can also be found on the PokerStars Blog.

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