A Sexy Discovery

Dan “The Most Interesting Man on Instagram” Bilzerian may be the most visible example of how much fun poker players tend to have with the women in their lives, but he’s far from being the only one. Infact, when GPI cross-examined it’s massive player database with Facebook we made some stunning discoveries:

1. 95% of ALL Poker Players in our rankings are either single or in an open relationship.
2. GPI’s Top 1,000 Ranked players all made $300,000+ per year.
3. Every player in the GPI Top 300 topped the $1 Million / yr. mark in earnings.
4. GPI Players reported that of all the people they interacted with in 2013, only 3% were women.

  • 300k
  • Members in total
  • 947
  • Members online
  • 530
  • Women online
  • 417
  • Men online

Lightning in a Bottle

We couldn’t afford to ignore the data - after all, GPI has built its reputation on putting players first & giving them what they want. The numbers simply don’t lie - poker players want to spend money, and do it with casual companionship from beautiful women. Meanwhile, beautiful women love to be lavished. This was the perfect storm of romantic demand - and the GPI Matchmaker was born.

How does it Work?

Girls can browse for their perfect Poker Man with the help of intuitive filters, choosing who they connect to by the player’s bankroll, age, and preferred method of travel - GPI takes care of the rest. You can search in real time via GPI’s Matchmaker Mobile (heralded by poker insiders as a “Tinder Killer”) or instantly on the web right here.

Use GPI Match Maker's 'Geo-Location' features while on the go to hook up with players instantly at the WSOP, EPT, or other events too!

  • Why filter by bankroll?

    GPI firmly believes that First Class company should never be paired with a Coach Class player, or vice versa.


  • Why filter by age?

    As with GPI’s revolutionary Player Rankings System, the ‘aging factor’ of any player greatly influences their results in the GPI Matchmaker system.


  • Why filter by method of travel?

    A bankroll is one thing, but nothing gives the GPI Matchmaker system a more accurate understanding of how lavishly a potential poker match is ready to send on our beautiful users than how much they spend simply getting from point A to point B.


Exclusive Filters

Romance and 5 Star living are all a matter of taste. We cater to a diverse clientele, and we’re happy to offer the following search options to make satisfying specific wants a snap with GPI Matchmaker:

  • The Bilzerian Blitz

    Guns, boats & breasts all together, or it won’t be a match.


  • Huggable Hansens

    More excited at the prospect of consoling someone who’s lost millions rather than helping them do it yourself? GPI has you covered.


  • “Trickett Tickets”

    Bottle Service ready. Perfect matches for the consummate Night Club connoisseur.



Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.


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