May 19 2013, by Eric Danis

WPT World Champ: Day 2 Seat Assignments, Chip Counts and GPI Rankings

FPM logoDay 1 of the WPT World Championship is in the books at the Bellagio as Will Failla, recent WPT bestbet Open Champ Mike Linster and Jake Cody amongst the chip leaders.

Players can register for the event until the end of the 8th level, the third level to be played on Sunday – Jason Mercier, the newly crowned #1 player on the GPI, has already tweeted that he has had a change of heart and is currently boarding a plane from England, en route to Las Vegas…

213Marvin RettenmaierGermany22200023170.41
216Andrew LichtenbergerUnited States12730092686.8
324David SandsUnited States105800102678.66
307Daniel NegreanuCanada206300142640.49
316Daniel ShakUnited States176100232450.67
207Mohsin CharaniaUnited States154600252392.02
181Antonio EsfandiariUnited States189600272352.61
301Matt SalsbergUnited States15300302307.36
84Joseph SerockUnited States71400322298.84
318Nick SchulmanUnited States62500342288.64
96Steven SilvermanUnited States166200352286.17
214Noah SchwartzUnited States46600372241.64
338Thomas MarcheseUnited States208200382233.62
192Philippe KtorzaFrance57100472117.22
302Will FaillaUnited States276000532036.64
311Ravi RaghavanUnited States152300542023.37
87Cary KatzUnited States24700611978.96
205Faraz JakaUnited States45600641959.91
218Samuel SteinUnited States39500651953.93
93Byron KavermanUnited States45200721921.55
306Dominik NitscheGermany1467001031705.41
191Darren EliasUnited States213001171630.48
346Fundaro GiacomoItaly952001291559.64
333Rocco PalumboItaly1081001311548.13
183Jonathan AguiarPortugal852001391522.16
344Jake CodyUnited Kingdom2500001431504.48
342Matt GiannettiUnited States1881001501486.8
92David PetersUnited States1466001601438.61
303Benadiba StephaneFrance629001711409.12
335Yevgeniy TimoshenkoUkraine1201001801389.97
343Jonathan RoyCanada1432001811387.91
204Jean ThorelFrance1060001921363.61
85Michael LinsterUnited States2690002031333.53
91Roland IsraelashiviliUnited States820002051322.47
227Andy FrankenbergerUnited States1276002221284.71
347David SteickeAustralia979002541211.28
94Guillaume DarcourtFrance2067002771166.21
195John HenniganUnited States2255002821156.03
187Chris BjorinSweden935002881150.63
322Alex A.P. PhahuratUnited States384003131110.01
336Paul KlannCanada738003151106.4
312Ray DehkharghaniUnited States377003521056.83
345Justin YoungUnited States1621003681039.86
317Marcin WydrowskiPoland618003691038.16
326Ryan DangeloUnited States295003811026.43
97Yung HwangUnited States38300407989.63
337Dan PerperUnited States129200464931.1
202Erick LindgrenUnited States149000465928.46
201Cliff JosephyUnited States250800520875.41
323Barry ShulmanUnited States176700535864.62
348Chanracy KhunCanada151000542854.44
325Eric PanayiotouUnited States61400614802.26
225Emil OlssonSweden157300704742.25
211Yorane KerignardFrance49100718736
304Jean GaspardUnited States38500777697.33
331Hyon KimSouth Korea169900812677.56
222Arkady TsinisUnited States222100820674.41
82Brandon StevenUnited States1438001006593.52
86David BelaichUnited States883001048577.87
196John KrpanCanada613001058574.8
328Shawn CunixUnited States1595001190530.6
194Farzad BonyadiUnited States1468001193529.94
334Christophe BenzimraFrance1271001254515.24
197Curt KohlbergUnited States1355001279508.14
217Soon HwangUnited States700001421470.51
314Amir BabakhaniCanada2172001492453.34
228James CalderaroUnited States430001536445.18
321David ChiuUnited States905001547442.44
224Jeffrey YarcheverUnited States490001618431.7
81Andrew MackenzieUnited States1933001695416.92
182Joshua HaleUnited States836001890385
95Mike MeskinUnited States1005002217343.07
315Zachary HymanUnited States460002647298.09
215Matthew HymanUnited States1202002730291.42
83Allyn Jaffrey ShulmanUnited States1201002865279.72
341Ralph PerryUnited States932005356168.14
186Larry OrmsonUnited States1155006196148.68
221David FussUnited States1269001106984.47
313Joseph RuzickUnited States1889001481060.73
193Lance SteinbergUnited States1560001496059.97
184Sandor DemjanHungary591001774546.98
203Ralph ThomasUnited States2156001843343.51
226Jonathan Kamhazi-27330099999999-
208Jeffrey Ishbie-25500099999999-
185Yadong Liu-17360099999999-
206Eli Berg-17110099999999-
212Ron Coury-16130099999999-
332Brandon Kennedy-12100099999999-
305Samuel Goldman-10680099999999-
223Rosa Rodriguez-5620099999999-
327Robert MercierUnited States2190099999999-

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