December 02 2020, by Hans Kleinsman


Las Vegas, NV — The Global Poker Index (GPI) has announced the official cancellation of all Player of the Year (PoY) races for 2020. With the lack of live poker due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the risk of health to anyone needing to travel to contend for the all titles, the GPI made the difficult decision on Wednesday.

“This past year has been tough on the industry. Most venues were unable to host events due to lockdowns or various restrictions and players were not able to travel to play”, GPI/THM President Eric Danis said.

There have not been enough festival results or events in 2020 to justify competitive winners in our traditional PoY races. Anyone finishing first will not be recognized as a PoY winner and officially, 2020 PoY results will remain blank in all categories.

We hope that the races will return in full force in 2021 and look forward to what the new year may bring.

We will have more on the Player of the Year cancellations on the Thursday, December 10th edition of “The Poker Show” on the recently launched GPI/THM Podcast Network.



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