December 20 2012, by mr4b

The Global Poker Index Releases Its Annual Scoring Model Adjustments

As the calendar year winds down, the Global Poker Index (GPI) has undergone its annual administration process to adjust the inputs used in the GPI scoring model to ensure that it stays reflective of the current live tournament poker landscape. An annual review of the model and its inputs has been part of the GPI structure since its launch and is key to the GPI remaining the best live tournament poker ranking system in the world.

The most exciting change for the GPI in 2013 is the lowering of the minimum buy-in amount from $1,500 USD equivalent to $1,000 USD equivalent. In addition to allowing in all of the WSOP $1,000 events, in which many professional players participate, adjusting the buy-in will allow a host of events in the US, Europe (UKIPT, FPS, WPTN, …) and the rest of the world to qualify for inclusion in GPI scoring. In particular this will apply to events where the buy-in amount is set to a minimum local professional level, such as €1,000.

“By making this change, the GPI continues to be the true measure of the performance of poker players across the globe”, said Alex Dreyfus, CEO of Zokay Entertainment. In addition to the change in minimum buy-in, the GPI is also increasing the number of cashes that a poker pro can count towards their score. The new number of cashes that will count is 26, up from 21 last year, spread out over the 36 month period the GPI measures.

Additional details on these changes and more can be found at and the updated rankings will be available from January onwards.

In the five months since its acquisition by Zokay Entertainment, the GPI has been solidified as the live tournament poker ranking authority worldwide. Zokay plans to continue developing the GPI as the premiere tool and ranking system for the poker industry, with the expectation of making a significant investment in promoting poker and the GPI across the globe in an effort to establish industry standards for the multi-billion dollar live poker industry. In addition to announcing the winners of the prestigious GPI European Poker Awards the 22nd of January, expect many more exciting announcements from Zokay Entertainment and the Global Poker Index in the months to come.

For more information, contact Alexandre Dreyfus:
Mobile : +356 99 99 78 78
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About Zokay Entertainment

Zokay Entertainment is the new entertainment and poker company set up by Alexandre Dreyfus, founder of the Chiligaming group. The group, whose motto is ‘Connect players™’, is based in Malta and the US and currently has 15 employees. Zokay acquired the GPI in August and has already turned it into the reference tool for worldwide poker rankings and to develop it as a bridge between offline and online poker and poker in a social gaming environment.

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