July 22 2013, by Eric Danis

Negreanu Speaks: “I Think the GPI Represents the Best System”

Kid Poker is not one to mince words and in his latest edition of his ultra-popular Rant, Daniel Negreanu tells it like it is and dishes on his summer at the WSOP, his upcoming schedule and the Global Poker Index!

When speaking of various Player of the Year and poker player ranking systems, Negreanu stated:

Daniel Negreanu GPI“The one that I speak of the most, the one that’s most important to me … was to crack the Top 15 on the GPI. During the summer I moved up to #2 for a little while and … at #6.”

“The reason I love this ranking system the best is that it tracks three years of results and it limits the number of results per six months with a sliding scale of importance.”

“I think the GPI represents the best system.”

Negreanu expanded on the GPI later in his rant by adding the following very kind words:

“The GPI, Global Poker Index, you guys have heard me talking about it a lot. I really see this brand becoming something special and very important for poker.”

“I think the main reason is that we’ve got a visionary named Alexandre Dreyfus who’s heading it.:

Daniel Negreanu GPICurrently ranked #6on the GPI, Negreanu also believes that the GPI could serve as a voice for poker players and could represent the GPI300 in various settings such as the recent Tournament Directors Association Summit:

“There is one other value I think that you have and it came about this summer when I was tweeting about this “first card off the deck” rule and the way it was implemented (at the latest TDA Summit in Las Vegas)  … I think with the GPI, what they can do, is that they have a list of the top GPI 300 players … one of the things I had a problem with the way (the rule was implemented) … the GPI 300 are your customers who have a voice … I can see in the future, If you want to hear the players’ voice, the GPI is great vehicle to do that.”

The GPI always appreciates hearing feedback from poker players all over the world, we thank Daniel for taking time to discuss the GPI during his latest rant and appreciate the kind words.


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