March 07 2018, by Hans Kleinsman

The Global Poker Index comes to China with the GPI China

Beijing March 7 – Mediarex Sports Culture Ltd (Beijing) and Mediarex Sports & Entertainment (Malta) are happy to announce a strategic cooperation and the launch of a dedicated Global Poker Index China (GPIC)

In 2017 Mediarex (Beijing) Sports Culture Ltd and Mediarex Sports & Entertainment launched the Chinese edition of the Global Poker League in China. During and after the successful first season we got aware of the players wish to have their own dedicated GPI website and rankings.

For Chinese poker players, it may be difficult to stand out from the global GPI ranking list due to fewer opportunities to take part in international events. At present, China’s poker industry is booming, and there are more and more formal large-scale events. Just like Weiqi, Chess and other mind sports, poker tournament also needs a professional ranking list that can be in line with international standards.

GPI China will cover the Greater China Region including mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other regions.

Quan Zhou – GPI Player of the Year China

Read the full Chinese Press Release.

We-Chat (ID: GPI-CHINA) and Facebook support will be officially announced and launched soon.


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