August 09 2018, by Eric Danis

Introducing GPI China’s New Look and Logo

Mediarex Sport & Entertainment and Mediarex Beijing Sport & Culture Co. are delighted to share that the Global Poker Index China (GPIC) has launched a new website with a fresh new logo.


In the Western world, the # symbolizes order, ranking and numbers, whilst the knot symbol ⌘ in the Asian part of the world stands for luck and prosperity. Combining these into one brand new logo was a logical step to take.

The Global Poker Index China launched in March 2018, making it easier for players from the Greater China region to see, in their own native language, to see where they stand in the regional, national and international poker rankings.

The launch of a dedicated Chinese version of the Global Poker Index also made the poker world more accessible for local Chinese players, tournament organizers, venues and partners to connect with each other. GPIC’s goal is to keep building these bridges for the players and the industry in the Greater China region and increase the popularity of the game and its culture to attract more national and international players and partners.

Please contact [email protected] for any queries for GPI Cooperation in the Greater China Area. (Chinese and English).

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