November 21 2018, by Eric Danis

Master Poker Series joins forces with GPL Season 2 for its inaugural festival

Just a few short weeks ago, GPL China officially announced that Season 2 will officially launch in Taiwan from December 20th to 24th; officially branding it GPL China Season 2 Taiwan Tour [The Battle of Urban]. As soon as this news was released, there was a great surge in the poker community and many poker associations and clubs contacted the organizers one after the other, and started to arrange teams selection tournaments to join GPL China.

GPL China is happy to announce that the Master Poker Series (MPS) is joining forces with GPL China to help with the development of poker tournaments and festivals both in Taiwan and internationally.

The GPIC Masterboard landed in Taiwan this past September. After vigorously promoting poker rankings [Global Poker Index], many poker players have praised the Masterboard. As a brand-new tournament brand established in Taiwan, MPS tournament results will be included on the GPIC Masterboard, which reflects the firm determination of MPS to promote the development of Taiwan’s poker industry and build an international tournament brand. MPS not only enables players to enjoy the excitement of international tournaments without leaving their homeland, but also to allow for exposure overseas. Taiwan’s poker market is booming, and more overseas players are participating in Taiwan poker tournaments. In the future, MPS will not only hold tournaments in Taiwan, but also promote this brand to overseas markets, and build a bridge for Taiwanese players while entering the international poker arena!

MPS will hold its inaugural festival as part of the GPL China Season 2 Taiwan Tour festivities. All participants who earn results during MPS events will be listed on Global Poker Index. In addition, GPIC Masterboard will also serve as partner of this festival, giving away rewards to top players in MPS tournaments … more details will to be announced soon.

For more information on how to enroll to GPL China Season 2 – Taiwan Tour [The Battle of Urban], please contact [email protected] or follow GPL China on Facebook: Global Poker Index China

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