Tournament Director Software

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Version 3.3 of the Tournament Director software includes an exciting new feature that will allow tournament directors, card rooms, poker clubs, associations and host casinos the ability to send in their tournament results to The Hendon Mob Database directly through the software. Once results are received, The Hendon Mob team will review all submitted data to ensure its accuracy.


How to:

Once the tournament is over, you can simply export the results to The Hendon Mob.



Choose the festival and event you wish to send:

export tournament director THM

If Festival is new, choose “New Festival” then enter the name of festival and event:


Add any notes such as deals made etc …:

Then simply submit your results:

Instantly, your results are received in The Hendon Mob back office. They can then be viewed, or processed, and our team will be able to see any added notes and check if the festival is already in our database or not.




– Where can I get The Tournament Director software?
You can purchase the latest version of The Tournament Director directly on The Tournament Director website.

– I’m having issues with The Tournament Director software, where can I get help?
If you are having issues with the software, simply contact the support where you will get a quick answer

– For some reason, my festival or event did not get sent to The Hendon Mob. What should I do?
If you are having any doubt on whether your event has been sent or not, please kindly contact The Hendon Mob support.