October 30 2013, by Eric Danis

PokerSnowie: What’s Next?

PokerSnowie LogoPokerSnowie co-founder and head of research and development Johannes Levermann took some time to discuss the arrival of his revolutionary poker training software on the market. In this edition, Johannes discusses what we can expect in the future from the PokerSnowie team:


PokerSnowie GPIYou can rest assured. The PokerSnowie team isn’t just sitting back enjoying the successes of their current projects. They are already hard at work working on improving the program they believe will change the way you play the game and bring you the success you so richly deserve.

The team is working on many new features on their PokerCoach platform. They are also working on a tournament module where the focus will be on tournament strategy. Also, you should expect a fixed-limit strategy segment to be added to the product. In the future, you will also be able lear other forms of poker including Omaha.


Another exciting and upcoming product is coming soon to a Smart Phone near you! The highly anticipated release of PokerTrainer is coming soon! The app will be released on Android and the ITunes AppStore. PokerTrainer is a educational play-money poker room. Users will be able to download the product and will receive real-time feedback by playing a variety of NLH games including full rings, six-handed and heads-up.

As you can tell, there are many other exciting projects on the go for the PokerSnowie team. To learn more and to sign-up for PokerSnowie, visit their website at: PokerSnowie.com.

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