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Groundbreaking Live Poker Industry Report Announced by Global Poker Index

The Global Poker Index announced today the release of the Inaugural Edition of the Quarterly Poker Industry Report. This groundbreaking report is the first in a series of planned quarterly updates on the live poker industry. The first installment of the report includes a comprehensive global and regional analysis of live poker tournament dollars, players and events for 2011 and 2012.

poker industry report coverThrough publication of the Quarterly Poker Industry Report, the Global Poker Index intends to address questions in the live poker industry such as “What is the size of the global poker market?”, “What are the current poker industry trends?”, and “Where and how is the poker market expanding?”. Future editions of the Quarterly Poker Industry Report will provide detailed analysis on topics such as tour operations in the US and Europe, activity at different venues across the globe, and analysis of the largest markets in the US and Europe.

With the purchase of the GPI, one of our intentions was to develop tools that help the poker industry to have a better knowledge of itself” said Alex Dreyfus, CEO of Zokay Entertainment. “It is our corporate believe this is the only way for the poker industry to re-invent itself”.

The inaugural edition of the poker industry report is available at no cost and can be downloaded at  .The Global Poker Index will begin offering a paid subscription for future quarterly editions, with the next edition planned for release in August, 2013.

The Inaugural Edition provides:

  • 36 pages of information on global and regional tournament dollars, players, and events
  • Data from over 12,000 poker tournaments
  • Information on tour operations; including World Series of Poker, European Poker Tour, and World Poker Tour, etc.
  • Total live tournament dollars and players at venues; including Rio, Borgata, Commerce, San Remo, etc.
  • Statistics on the largest state and country markets in the US and Europe
  • An Appendix containing detailed information on nearly all live tournament markets worldwide regardless of size
Did You Know?…..

  • 2012 is the first year in the last decade that growth in live tournaments globally was flat
  • Nearly one billion dollars were paid in buy-ins to live tournaments in 2012
  • North America and Europe hold 91% of the global market share
  • The Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure contributes more dollars to the market than all of Canada
  • France is the largest European market followed by Italy and Spain
  • Tournament dollars tripled in Macau in 2012



For more information, contact Alexandre Dreyfus:
Mobile : +356 99 99 78 78
Email: [email protected]

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