October 23 2013, by Eric Danis

PokerSnowie: Teaching Beginners and Advanced Players Alike

PokerSnowie LogoPokerSnowie co-founder and head of research and development Johannes Levermann took some time to discuss the arrival of his revolutionary poker training software on the market. In this edition, Johannes discusses how PokerSnowie will work for either beginners or the more advanced poker player:


PokerSnowie GPIBeing a novice poker player can be very intimidating; it’s almost impossible to know where to start. PokerSnowie offers tons of tools for newbies including pre-flop charts. “These charts show a table with all 169 possible holdings in one glance” affirms Levermann, allowing the player to see for themselves … the charts vary depending on the exact situation, previous betting, table position and, of course, chip stack.

PokerSnowie also addresses blunders. The program offers easy navigation through the biggest errors a player can make. Beginning players are immediately made aware of their biggest flaws in every possible situation, this allows the player to learn from their mistakes as soon as they happen.

The beginner receives efficient learning on the fly, his/her error rate will drop very quickly and the skill level will increase dramatically.


“Having reached a respectable skill level, the balance between bluffs and value bets/raises needs to be corrected” – this is evaluated in depth with PokerSnowie’s Balance tool. The program studies and analyses the players’ game to determine how you should modify your game based on your previous decisions.

It’s simple, players have to be on high alert at all times; they need to be taught how to recognize when they are being exploited by an opponent at a table. The balance statistics provide detailed views on where the player’s biggest leaks are in his/her game. Again, invaluable information for the experienced player.

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